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Human Immuno Fungus?

Doug Kaufmann Author TV host
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  Imagine walking into a pharmacy with a prescription for a drug that was FDA approved to treat Human Immuno Virus, or HIV. When I worked with the doctors at Medical City Dallas, this happened to their patients all the time and it embarrassed most of them. 
  One woman told me that her longtime friend and pharmacist leaned forward and quietly asked, “do you have HIV?” In shock, she asked to use their phone and called our office. No, she didn’t. Once they learned of my work, many were prescribed the antifungal medication, Diflucan. They and the doctors found that this antifungal pill was working so well in treating many of their health conditions that were previously unresponsive to other medications.

Diflucan was one of Pfizer’s wonder drugs and it worked (and still does) tremendously in helping calm the symptoms of HIV. Later, Diflucan became the “one pill vaginal yeast cure.” That’s used I understand because all Diflucan does is kill yeast! So how does it work for HIV….unless….was HIV a systemic yeast infection? So glad you asked.

Zoom forward almost 30 years later. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School researchers have recently demonstrated that the topical anifungal drug, Ciclopirox, which kills nail fungus, also kills HIV infected cells in their laboratory.

Doesn’t their explanation below remind you of my “cancer-fungus” hypothesis, wherein the DNA from fungal and human cells merge to form a new hybrid formation that I believe we are erroneously calling “cancer?”

HIV is one member of a family of viruses called lentiviruses. When these viruses infect someone, they enter host cells by binding to specific receptors on their surfaces. Once inside the cell, the virus’s genetic information is converted into DNA, the same type of molecule that human genes are made of. The virus has an enzyme that inserts its genetic information into the genomes of the human cells. From that moment, that cell is infected for life. Then the virus replicates and infects other cells.

Doctors do not get mycology (fungus) courses in medical school, but are well educated and skilled at understanding viruses and bacteria. They also see HIV+ patients. For this reason, few would understand this blog or understand why the most common fungus killing drugs, also subdue or kill HIV. Let’s go one step further in order to whet your appetite a bit more. In 2007, Johns Hopkins medical researchers found that another antifungal drug, Sporanox, stopped cancer from metastasizing. 

Wait until the magnitude of fungal diseases is finally revealed to our physicians. Know The Cause will become mandated viewing in medical schools! YES!!!

This is not my first blog on this issue:

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