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How to Shop For Dairy

Shopping For Dairy
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On The Kaufman Diet, dairy products are relatively limited. This is for a few reasons. First, milk products are generally high in lactose, which is a form of sugar. Any word with the suffix “-ose” usually denotes some type of sugar. Sucrose, for example, is the scientific term for table sugar. Fructose is sugar found in fruit. Glucose is sugar found in the bloodstream. Lactose is simply sugar found in milk. Other milk products can be contaminated with fungi, or their mycotoxins. Some are intentionally made with fungi, such as bleu cheese. So how do you shop for dairy while on the Kaufmann Diet?

For a dairy product to be considered OK for The Kaufmann Diet, it must be low in lactose, high in fat and/or protein, and generally at low risk for mold or mycotoxin contamination. 

What Is Allowed & What You Should Look For

There are a few dairy products that are permitted on The Kaufmann One Diet. These should still be enjoyed in moderation. Dairy is an addictive food, and The Kaufmann Diet seeks to break dietary addictions lest they be the cause of underlying health problems. In the case of dairy products, organic varieties are typically always better than conventional; these varieties never use hormones or antibiotics in the cattle, which could subsequently contaminate the dairy products. Grass-fed products are always best when you can find them. 


Butter is mostly fat and virtually free of lactose. Organic varieties are good; grass-fed varieties, like Kerrygold, are best. Ghee is another form of butter and is permitted as well. 

Heavy Cream

Heavy cream, such as heavy whipping cream, is mostly fat. Look for unsweetened varieties. Organic, preferably grass-fed, is best. 

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a soft cheese made from heavy cream; it is high in fat. Again, organic and grass-fed varieties are best. 

Sour Cream

Look for organic varieties of sour cream made with active cultures, and avoid those made with vinegar. 


Yogurt can be a good source of probiotics, but it is important to find yogurt with active cultures and without sugar. Avoid the varieties with added fruit; add fresh fruit yourself. The higher fat products are best, as well as goat yogurt varieties. Look for organic products when possible. 

What About Kaufmann Two?

Harder cheese are ok to reintroduce while on Kaufmann Two; these are cheeses like parmesan and Swiss cheese. Avoid soft and moldy cheeses, and remember to enjoy in moderation. Grass-fed and organic varieties are always preferred.

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