How to Make Diabetes



First, convince doctors that high cholesterol is killing their patients. Next, have doctors convinced their patients that they need a drug for high cholesterol to save their lives. Creating diabetes was never so easy. They don’t mean to be doing this. It’s just happening. A European medical journal has just published that statin drugs increase the risk of diabetes by 46%!

This study followed 8,749 non-diabetic 45-73 year old men for 6 years and was done very well. Why don’t we do these quality statin drug studies like this one in America and why didn’t the drug companies’ complete these studies before our FDA approved statin drugs?

Almost one half of all high dose statin drug takers will develop diabetes. This means that millions of Americans who are already taking statin drugs will now have to go to diabetes doctors and take more drugs. Are we blind or does “medical science” know how to print both prescription pads and money?



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