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How To Eat in 2018

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The identical dietary advice I’ve dispensed during my 19-year tenure on television continues through 2018 and forever beyond.

1.Don’t eat foods that are disease-causing (pathogenic).
2.Don’t eat foods that suppress your immune system.
3.Don’t eat foods that cause birth defects in utero.
4.Don’t eat foods that cause cancer or other serious diseases.

For those of you who are new to my TV show, Know The Cause, and me I know that linking foods in your diet to declining immunity and cancer seems pretty frightening, if not just plain misleading.  But this dietary information has caused many eyes to open, many people to heal and has garnered a large audience. Even our Center For Disease Control (CDC) has finally opened their eyes to my dietary information.

It all boils down to this; fungal poisons, called “mycotoxins” are impregnating our American food supply and no one is talking about it.  We should be most concerned with common cereal and bread grains, alcohol and peanuts.  Once inside our bodies, these mycotoxins cause DNA mutations and serious diseases link diabetes and cancer.  This is all well documented in the scientific literature.

OK, you’re thinking, certainly, we in America don’t have to worry about these fungal poisons in our food supply! Think again. Last year a global fungal company studied animal feedstuff and grains. They tested 16,511 samples, did 63,630 lab analyses, from 81 different countries including America. They found that 60-63% of samples in Africa had fungal poisons in them.  58% of European samples were contaminated with fungal poisons and 66% of samples from North America were contaminated with fungal poisons. What our agricultural animals were eating represented a “severe risk.”  Of course, then we eat the meat, eggs, and milk from those animals.

Study these fungal poisons as though you and your family’s lives depended upon it!  Believe me, it does!

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