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How To Eat For Brain Health

Eat For Brain Health
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The brain is perhaps the most complex structure in the known universe; if it were simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it fully! But while we talk about eating in ways to support the rest of the body, we often overlook the role diet may play in supporting brain health. This is not for a lack of knowledge, however. To eat for brain health might not be top of mind.

We all know the brain is responsible for everything from memory and cognition, to experiencing emotions and learning new skills; with so many tasks to perform, there are many ways in which brain health can become diminished. Anything from brain fog and reduced mental clarity, all the way to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and even problems like dementia and Alzheimers disease––all of these are directly or related to the health of the brain.

Interestingly, one thing people who go on The Kaufmann Diet tend to report is a boost in mental clarity and a lift of brain fog. So anecdotally, at least, The Kaufmann Diet seems like a good place to start if you want to eat to support your brain health. But are there specific foods that we can eat that support the health of the brain? Absolutely. And they are all on The Kaufmann Diet. 

1. Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which are critical for brain health. The brain is made up of a lot of fat, and these healthy fats have been linked to improved mood and are known to support the health of the brain. 

2. Nuts

Nuts have been linked to improved brain health in many studies. Particularly as we age, nuts might provide some benefit against cognitive decline. Walnuts have the added benefit of being rich in omega 3s. 

3. Eggs

Eggs are rich in a variety of nutrients, many of which directly support the brain. These include nutrients like choline, which is an important precursor to substances used to regulate mood and memory. Eggs are also rich in B vitamins, which are important for mood. 

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse. The anthocyanins in blueberries are known to lower inflammation and reduce oxidative damage in the brain, which can lead to neurodegenerative diseases. Certain antioxidants in blueberries are also known to increase communication between brain cells. 

5. Eat Lots of Multicolored Vegetables 

Vegetables are packed with a wide spectrum of nutrients; among those are polyphenols. Polyphenols reduce inflammation in the brain and help promote the development of new brain cells. Green leafy veggies are good sources of polyphenols, as are veggies like purple cabbage and other deeply colored vegetables.

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