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How Long Should I Stay On The Kaufmann Diet?

How Long Should I Stay On The Kaufmann Diet?
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The Question Everyone Asks

We have all asked the question at least once in our lives when we decide to make a change: How long must I stay on this diet?

Beginning a diet can be a daunting task. Changing dietary habits is among the hardest things for many people to do. Changing any habit is difficult, but changing one’s diet seems to be particularly difficult. Eating habits for most people just seem to be deeply engrained.

Depriving yourself of food can seem almost barbaric, because eating is really one of life’s most innocent pleasures. You must eat, or you won’t live! The fact that it is pleasurable is simply a bonus. Part of of the problem, however, lies in thinking that eating should be exclusively for pleasure––simply sating a desire. Our paradigm needs to take a dramatic shift. Eating is necessary, because we must nourish our body. Our thinking needs to change to thinking of food as fuel, not just as something pleasurable. Thinking of food as fuel, though, does not preclude food being delicious or pleasurable, either.

In that spirit, most people typically begin a diet to better their health; particularly those who find The Kaufmann Diet are looking for answers they have not been able to find via traditional medicine or other avenues. Perhaps you are trying to rid yourself of health problems that have been difficult to diagnose or treat, and you think yeast or fungus may have something to do with those problems.

How Long Does The Diet Take to Work?

The commitment Doug Kaufmann generally asks people to make to The Kaufmann One Diet is typically 4 to 6 weeks. During that time, a number of things could possibly happen.

Many dieters initially feel much worse than they did––a phenomenon called The Herxheimer reaction. As yeast and fungi die off, they typically make the person starving them feel miserable. This can happen for a few days to a week. Typically, this resolves itself, and dieters feel much, much better. Many lose weight and experience relief from symptoms that had plagued them for years.

Doug Kaufmann suggests that within the first 4-6 weeks of The Kaufmann One Diet, many will know whether or not they have pinpointed the cause of their health problems. Often though, symptoms can return in spurts––this simply means that not all pathogenic yeasts and/or fungi have been eliminated from the body, and a longer period on The Kaufmann One Diet may be necessary to resolve deeper issues.

The Kaufmann Two Diet: A Diet For Life

The Kaufmann Two Diet is less restrictive than The Kaufmann One Diet. It is recommended that after following The Kaufmann One Diet for a period of time, dieters adhere to this second phase of the diet for a period of time. If at any time symptoms return, it is recommended to return to The Kaufmann One Diet.

The Kaufmann Two Diet provides an excellent, longterm platform for many people. Some might choose to stay indefinitely on the Kaufmann One Diet since relief from health symptoms was finally found, and this is fine. The Kaufmann Two Diet is slightly more flexible; while some who eat the standard American Diet (SAD) might still find this restrictive, it is a nourishing platform that provides real food as real fuel for the body.

To answer the first question posed: How long should you stay on the diet? As long as it suits you, but try to commit to the first 4-6 weeks on the Kaufmann One Diet. The results might be very revealing for you. Following that, it may be time to consider lifestyle dietary changes that could help prevent you falling back into old habits that got you where you were in the first place.

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