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How Do I Know When An Antifungal Program Is Successful?

How Do I Know What Program
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Antibiotics kill bacteria that are making you sick and Antivirals kill virus that are making you sick. But if you are sick with a systemic fungal infection, an antifungal drug is rarely enough. Any of these drugs can be and often are life-saving, but rare is the physician who understand that to prevent fungal infections from metastasizing or recurring, the fungi often need to be starved as well. About 45 years ago, as published in a respected medical journal, it was discovered that 100% of women with recurrent vaginal yeast infections had gut yeast (1). Even more relevant was the fact that if yeast was isolated in the vagina, 100% of the time it was also found in the stool sample. Conversely, if the stool test was negative for yeast, it was never found in the vaginal tissues.

In addition to verifying a dietary fix for vaginal yeast, this paper also proved that it was the gut yeast that enabled the vaginal yeast to recur. Fix the gut yeast overgrowth and fix the recurring vaginal yeast.  Today we know that bacterially fermented foods (sauerkraut, yogurt, etc…) might successfully treat gut yeast overgrowth. Some women might also benefit from the safe drug Nystatin, which inhibits gut yeast growth.  We have also learned that certain foods (grains, starches) “feed” fungal (yeasts are single celled fungi) infections, while others (corn, wheat, peanuts) are impregnated with fungus.

If you are seeing a doctor because of a resistant infection that antibiotics are not curing, ask about using a blood stream anti-yeast medication like Voriconazole or Itraconazole along with Nystatin for gut overgrowth.  Know that many supplements (garlic, apple cider vinegar, resveratrol, caprylic acid, etc…) have antifungal properties as well.  Eradicating yeast and/or fungal overgrowth is often accomplished by understanding that so often an antifungal program consisting of both dietary control and drugs/supplements aimed at stopping/killing the yeast/fungi must be beneficial.


1. National Library of Medicine via Recurrent vaginal candidiasis. Importance of an intestinal reservoir – PubMed (

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