How Can I Stay Healthy During Flu Season?


With fall just around the corner, no doubt many are wondering, how can I stay healthy during flu season? For many, the flu is a major concern; the symptoms are miserable and many people simply can not afford to be sidelined with the flu for any length of time. For the very young, very old and immunocompromised, the flu can have even more dire consequences. In America, as many as 36,000 people diet every year, and more than 200,000 are hospitalized with the flu every year.

Often, people’s first line of defense is getting a flu shot. This often comes at the encouragement of their doctor. But much research––even mainstream, medical research––has shown that flu shots may not be the best defense against the flu. Often, epidemiologists are simply guessing at which strain will be the most prevalent, and it is based on this guesswork that the millions of flu vaccines are manufactured. Therefore, getting the flu shot may not even prevent you from getting the flu!

Regardless, we all risk exposure to the flu virus. So what can you do to stay healthy during flu season?

1. Wash your hands regularly.

This age-old wisdom rings true for flu prevention. Particularly in public places (think: handrails, bathrooms, public computers or touch screens), viruses and bacteria can lurk on surfaces and transfer via touch.

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

The Kaufmann 1 Die is perfectly suited for this; the Kaufmann 1 Diet includes plenty of healthy protein, important phytonutrients and healthy fats. A diet like the Kaufmann 1 Diet will assist your body in maintaining its natural, powerful immune system.

3. Exercise regularly.

Exercising is known to boost immune health, among its other array of benefits. The temptation to be sedentary as the weather cools can be strong, but committing to a regular exercise regimen can make a difference in your immune health.

4. Incorporate some immune-empowering supplements into your regimen.

These can include beta gluons, vitamin C, probiotics and a simple multivitamin. Supplements are there to fill in the gaps left by your diet, and while they work best in tandem with a full-approach healthy regimen, adding supplements to your routine may be the key to staying healthy in flu season.

5. Do not share food or drinks with other people.

This is another, easy way for viruses and bacteria to be transferred. Avoid sharing bottles, cups, silverware or anything else that can transfer germs from one mouth to another.

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