Hospitals Frighten Me

  I believe that most all hospital employees including doctors and nurses are honest, caring people. I worry, however, about the businesses that they work for. Are these very bright, well-educated employees truly free to give us the best care available, free from surgical complications? Here are a few reasons I worry: 

1. HAI, or Hospital Acquired Infections-also known as “nosocomial infections.” Hospitals aren’t responsible for these, because so many sick people are housed in hospitals, we, the visiting public are vulnerable to walking in healthy and walking out unhealthy because we inhaled! Imagine the patients who are in a hospital for an extended amount of time!

2. Iatrogenic illness-the medical dictionary defines this as “induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedure.” This is a very technical way of saying, “mistakes happen!”
3. Diagnostic procedures mentioned in #2 above. Ever since I began studying fungus and their poisonous byproducts as they relate to human illness, I’ve come to realize that many, many, many diagnoses are just plain wrong.
4. AND NOW THIS (Click here) If you don’t have time to read it, the Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article today that should frighten all of us. The opening sentence says, “privately insured surgical patients who had a complication provided hospitals with a 330% higher profit margin than those without a complication…” Says the lead author, “It’s been known that hospitals are not rewarded for quality.”
5. So what? Medicine self-polices and is run by business people from many facets of the business world. Return On Investment (ROI) is important to the business world. Currently, medicine is a $3 trillion dollar business that desire to become a $4 trillion dollar business.
6. I believe that we will be witnessing many more surgical “complications” on the road to becoming a $4 trillion dollar business…that desires to become a $5 trillion dollar business.


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