Break A Leg!

I am learning that my “quick-read” blogs are the most liked, so in the interest of brevity let me tell you about a new drug for osteoporosis. This one is called PROLIA. If you’re actually interested in taking it and have an extra 30-minutes, here are the side effects of Prolia from

If you’re still interested in taking it, talk to your doctor…and may I suggest you’re on the wrong website?
An attractive aging actress, or course, has been hired by the drug company to pitch this new drug. She walks across the stage and another drug company employee tells her to “break a leg.” During the ad, I noticed some slick graphics that they probably want us to overlook because within seconds they disappear and they do not form the entire sentence, as I believe they should. These words appear in two separate cells; one says “Prolia reduces the risk of fractures” and the next cell says, “taken with calcium and vitamin D.” So it is really the Calcium and Vitamin D that reduces fractures!
In 2008, three Australian Universities studied Calcium and Vitamin D supplements in the “over 50” gang, to see if they could really prevent osteoporosis. There were nearly 64,000 people studied. LONG BEFORE PROLIA was invented; the Australian researchers published this quote about preventing osteoporosis with calcium and vitamin D.

“The results were clear. People who take these dietary supplements are less likely to lose bone density, and their bones are a little less likely to break. The risk is already reduced within only 3.5 years of taking the supplements, as long as they are taken regularly.”

I believe that drug companies deliberately hide important information within their ads. As we all know, calcium and vitamin D has been proven to prevent osteoporosis for a long time. Exercise plus these supplements offers added protection.
Break a leg? Am I the only one wondering why these “bone building drugs” are causing broken bones in those who take them? If not so tragic, this would be comical! Exercise, sunlight exposure, and proper nutrition in addition to supplements help prevent osteoporosis, without all of the side effects, expenses and concerns about taking yet another drug.



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