Hormone Replacement May Pose Higher Cancer Risk

  This report states that leaner women and women with more breast density are more vulnerable to cancer when taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Women with extremely dense breast tissue who took HRT had a 40% increase risk of breast cancer than women who did not take HRT.

MY TAKE-A 9-year-old study confirms that female HRT doubles the density of breast tissue! This is published, yet doctors continue to prescribe these drugs to women. I must be the only person alive who believes that God shuts our sex hormones down for a reason. Mess with hormone levels and you may pay the price….but scientists still push these HRT drugs.

Men, it’s now our turn. “Low-T (Testosterone) Centers” are quickly opening their doors across America. Their intent is to get men on male hormone replacement therapy. PLEASE THINK MEN!



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