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Hillary’s “ill” Health? (I Have A Secret!)

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John Parks Trowbridge M. D. 

Integrative Medicine Specialist featured in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who

 “Did you know that …..?” (The answer is at the end.)

Secrets can be kept … but I’m about to spill the beans. President John F. Kennedy suffered with more medical problems than any modern leader. Yet concerns for his wellbeing rarely surfaced as “news.” 

In my professional medical opinion, the real problem with Hillary Clinton’s illness issues is simply that ….. she relies on the best “conventional” physicians in the country.
Since I’m “not one of those,” certainly you can assume that I’m biased. And you would be right: I insist on delivering care with results far beyond simply controlling symptoms. That means that I offer unconventional, alternative, integrative approaches that combine standard medical testing and treatments with programs that help you heal, beyond more drugs and more surgery.

“Does Hillary have “pneumonia”?
Sure. She said so.”

Does Hillary have “pneumonia”? Sure. She said so. Did she have a fall, a concussion, and a blood clot on the brain? Sure. She said so. Did she have blood clots in her legs (“DVTs”) a couple of times? Sure. She said so. What about confusion? Maybe. What about vision changes or exaggerated facial expressions or weakness? Maybe.

What’s really important – what matters to her as “just a person” and ignoring the concerns that the rest of us might have – is that her medical care might not be meeting her needs very well. Ooops! – there, I said it! Will offering that conclusion get me in Dutch with the “other doctors”? Maybe. Scratch that – of course it will!

Would “my” approaches really help her to feel and perform better? And perhaps help her to face the future with more assurance and fewer concerns? I’ve taught physicians my methods across the country, in Mexico and Canada, in Brazil and Taiwan. So ….. maybe.

Okay, okay, I’ll share just a few of my secrets with you, here and now.

Pneumonia. Not nice. I’ve had it myself. “Walking” pneumonia (in the breathing tubes) is easier on your body than “lobar” infection, deeper in your lung tissues. For bacterial invasion, doctors rightfully give heavy-duty antibiotics, often for two or more weeks. But. what about intensive anti-fungal antibiotics to kill the “yeast” (fungus) taking advantage of this infection regardless of the original invader. And high and higher doses of vitamin C can be spectacular in helping to speed your recovery. Not to mention other nutrients: zinc, vitamin A, magnesium, B-complex, and so on. Specific “IVs” (in-the-vein treatments) can boost your immune response even further and faster. What about our “cool-vapor” inhalation sessions, designed to loosen “goop” that collects in your lungs and slows your recovery? Of course there’s more, but these ideas offer options that are often overlooked.

What about “blood clots”?
Remember this: they can form anywhere in your blood vessels (body and brain) and at anytime, when the circumstances are right. (Remember that Vice President Dan Quayle, some 20 years younger than Hillary is now, suffered with a leg blood clot that shot to his lungs and was caused by prolonged sitting during an airline flight. Such a “pulmonary embolus” or “PE” can even cause sudden death.)

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Details are unclear, but apparently, Hillary’s doctors have continued her on Coumadin® (warfarin) as a blood thinner for several years. Is that “right”? Certainly could be. (My first book was a training manual on blood clotting and treatments, in 1970.) In patients who have certain heart conditions (such a rhythm changes like “atrial fibrillation”), lifelong warfarin can make sense, to help reduce risks of stroke, blindness, heart attack, and so on. But – and this means I’m a big butt! – my approach is to keep patients on lower doses than conventional doctors advise. My intent is to reduce risks while minimizing bruising and bleeding – and 40 years of happy patients have encouraged me to stay the course.

Still, I haven’t shared important secrets for control of blood clotting. So, here goes: vitamins E and C, omega-3 fish oils, evening primrose or borage or black current oils, turmeric/curcumin, magnesium, carnitine, CoQ10, and so on can reduce clotting patterns. Even very-low-dose aspirin can be valuable to reduce the chemical that “scratches the lining” of blood vessels while not interfering with the one that promotes a slick-and-smooth coating. Common medications can complicate management of blood thinners, so be careful! Did anyone ever mention “nattokinase,” a soy-fermentation miracle discovered in Japan over 20 years ago. Natto actually reduces blood stickiness and that is useful in clotting control.

Are you ready to hear … my secret? Shhhh – is anybody overhearing us? Okay – here’s what blows many other doctors out of the water. (Isn’t it strange that “what works” actually makes folks upset, because they don’t know about, don’t understand, and don’t like the way it’s done?) Toxic heavy metals start out everywhere in our environment – then they end up inside you. And these toxins (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, others) create and dramatically worsen inflammation, which stimulates blood clotting that is just plain wrong. Reducing your toxic body burden has other wonderful results as well, improving blood flow and repairing aged and injured tissues, memory, energy, and much more. The procedure is called “chelation therapy.”

Oops – I really did spill the beans!

John Parks Trowbridge M. D.

Integrative Medicine Specialist featured in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who

is an internationally recognized specialist delivering safe and effective alternatives to conventional care at his Houston suburban office since 1978. Former chairman of the board of the National Health Federation and a Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, he was honored with the 2014 Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award of the International College of Integrative Medicine. Coauthor of Bantam Books bestseller The Yeast Syndrome, he started graduate-level studies in immunology at Stanford in 1978. His upcoming book shares startling revelations about recovering your heart health ….. shhhh! It’s a secret!

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