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Has Cancer Screening Failed Us?

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I refuse to judge, as hard as that is. I knew that some men felt that the PSA test had saved their lives and yet I dove headfirst into attacking it after reading Dr. Ablin’s book, The Great Prostate Hoax last year. I owe some of you an apology, but all of you an education. About 18 months ago, I published this blog on mammograms on my website. I questioned how anyone would call the mammogram test, a 58% accurate test, a valuable cancer screening test. Women, I realize that some of you contend that a mammogram saved your life, and I respect that.

But both men and women, however, must know the facts. They will not hear this in their doctor’s offices. We continue using “ball-park” screening tests like the PSA and mammogram tests as diagnostic tests and these, I believe are grossly over diagnosing cancer.

I’m not the only one that feels this way. I felt vindicated when Otis Brawley, MD, the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society (ACS), told the NY Times,
“We don’t want people to panic, but I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening. The advantages of screening have been exaggerated.”

In a non-related story, on 7/7/15, the AP wrote this:

“Telling stories of deep anguish, patients and their relatives described Tuesday how a Detroit-area cancer doctor wrecked their lives through excessive treatments and intentional misdiagnoses while he collected millions of dollars from insurers.”

What is the difference in these two stories? I believe it is the word “intentional.” Become an educated medical consumer…


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