Green for St Patricks Day!


Chlorophyll – plants are GREEN because of chlorophyll. A process called “photosynthesis” uses chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy and food for plants.

Hemoglobin – our blood is RED because of hemoglobin. It is essential for life as it transports iron into our red blood cells.

18 years ago, an inquiry about the similarities of our blood hemoglobin and the plant molecule chlorophyll was made and many very bright chemists had a field day responding. One finally stated that they are clearly related compounds, but experimentation that would somehow combine the two might leave those exposed to sunlight with a green hue instead of tan! But I like foods and supplements containing chlorophyll because of the great health they can provide!

While preparing my fungus/cancer presentations to physicians in 2016, I discovered a 22-year-old study that had a huge impact on me. Science has now proven my theory that fungal diseases can cause DNA mutations that can cause or mimic cancer. This study, however, was the first to prove that chlorophyll stopped DNA mutation inside the body (vertebrate-rainbow trout), rather than in test tube studies. This means that chlorophyll is “chemoprotective,” protecting living organisms against cancer-causing chemicals. It should shock no one then, that a newer study discovered that a chlorophyll-based solution had antifungal properties against the disease-causing single-celled fungus, Candida albicans.

Instead of drinking yeast containing green beer this Saint Patrick’s Day, might I suggest a spinach and green apple salad? You and your blood cells will celebrate on March 18th!!!



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