Fungus in your gene pool?


If there is, you will most likely be misdiagnosed. Today, we read that yet another in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of research papers, that all point to genetic “variations,” as contributing to disease. This one says, “Newfound gene linked to amyloid beta plaque buildup in Alzheimer’s disease. It saddens me that our doctors and researchers see the effect and believe it is the cause! This “multi-institutional team” of researchers has discovered that a normal gene called IL1RAP takes on abnormal characteristics, called “variants,” that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. 

When a variant gene is found and is suspected of causing the patients illness, doctors have large databases of genetic variant information in which they can compare their newly discovered genetic variants to. When 15 or 20 other doctors have reported a particular genetic variation in their diseased patients, trending can be seen and this trending stimulates more research into the role of this variant in a particular disease.

Once hundreds or thousands of a particular genetic variant have been discovered in a particular disease, the goal, of course, is to test everyone for this particular genetic variant early in his or her lives to see if they “carry” a genetic predisposition to disease. I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating; broken genes do not cause disease. What breaks them does! Unfortunately, our doctors and researchers do not know this.

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The goal of all genetic researchers sounds so noble and so caring, and truly from their standpoint it is. But spend a year in my shoes. “Genetic variant” means “genetic mutation.” Fungal mycotoxins cause so many genetic mutations that scientists now inject them into lab animals to induce (cause) cancer, diabetes and a host of other diseases.

Yet geneticists never even considered fungus as causing any of these genetic variations like those reported in this paper and so many other research papers. Geneticists, I say this with the utmost respect; if you don’t know fungus, you simply don’t know genetics.

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