Fungal Asthma “Rates Increasing”



WebMD recently ran this headline. My response is…. really? I get so angry when I read articles like these! Authors want us to believe that fungus is just magically appearing in diseased human tissues. But it is their ignorance of fungal diseases that makes this so newsworthy. This headline should read: Doctors admit they were wrong about the cause of asthma, blame medical schools.

We are warned of the dangers of fungus in the Old Testament, (Leviticus 32), yet medical schools avoid teaching about fungus (mycology) and its ability to cause human disease. Fungal asthma rates are not increasing, as this article suggests. Fungi have been impregnating our lungs long before medical school education began. It is awareness that is increasing!

In 1999, Mayo Clinic researchers discovered that chronic sinusitis was caused, not by bacteria as doctors previously thought, but by fungus. Inhaling fungus can be dangerous, because the fungus travels from the nose, into sinuses and lungs. From the lungs, fungi travel into the bloodstream, as this article is correct in pointing out.

If you suffer from ANY breathing disorder, think MOLD in your home! During the holidays, get to the mountains, rent a cabin for a week and see if those breathing problems don’t just disappear. If they do, know that you’ve done a great job a self diagnosis-it was never your lungs…it was always mold in your home!

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