Fall off Your Diet? That’s Where Some Supplements Come in Handy.

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There are innumerable benefits to eating healthy – this has become one of the more oft repeated platitudes of our time, and it would be impossible to suggest otherwise. Until recently, some health professionals have continued swear on their licenses and credentials that eating has little, if anything, to do with how healthy you are. 

The tide is even shifting amongst their kind, even if the personal testimonies of their own patients weren’t enough evidence before.

On the surface, eating healthy is a simple task. The Kaufmann 1 diet that Doug recommends is in fact so simple, that one can memorize it with relative ease. In a nutshell, the Kaufmann 1 diet focuses on lean, clean grass-fed meats and wild caught ocean fish. All vegetables are allowed with the exception of corn and potatoes, which are part of the grain and tuber family, respectively. Fruits are limited to the less sugary variety (berries, grapefruit, lemons, limes, avocados, etc.). Nuts are definitely encouraged, with the exception of peanuts (which are legumes) and pistachios. (You can learn more about the Kaufmann 1 diet HERE and check out Doug’s books HERE.) The Kaufmann 1 diet seeks to starve parasitic fungi in the body that might have taken hold and contributed to poor health, in addition to limiting exposure to foods that are commonly contaminated with fungal poisons, known as mycotoxins, that also have well-documented, deleterious health effects. This might sound like a complex idea, but in practice, it is relatively simple. 

A simple task isn’t necessarily an easy task, as most dieters can attest. Hectic circumstances can render Kaufmann 1 food not readily available. Cravings can make even the most strong-willed give in occasionally. To err is human, but fortunately, you have a few companions that you can fill your medicine cabinet with. (Now that you have found Know The Cause, hopefully you can empty all the prescription meds and chemicals out, and you’ll have room for some of these new health tools.)

Psyllium hulls is a non-soluble form of fiber, meaning what goes in must come out. In addition to assisting with regularity (which is a vital part of good health), Doug has taught us for years that psyllium binds to mycotoxins as it passes through the digestive system. If you cave and have some bread or beer or corn chips, maybe it would be smart to throw back some psyllium before bed to help “mop up” some of those mycotoxins. 

Probiotics are even lauded in the mainstream health community now. These “good” bacteria perform so many vital functions that it would be impossible to list them here. From a fungal perspective, mycotoxins and antibiotics (themselves mycotoxins) can annihilate these good guys that reside in your gut, paving the way for fungal colonization and disbiosis. This can start of as tummy problems, but with all the research that has come out on the link between immune system strength and gut health, the problems could certainly grow from there. Keeping probiotics around can help keep the gut flora in balance. If you get in to some non-Kaufmann 1 food, it may be smart to take some probiotics to help with resultant tummy problems and mitigate future problems.

I’d like to write more on some important supplements for Kaufmann 1, so you should be seeing more in the coming weeks. Do you have any particular favorites? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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