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  I was listening to a radio show over the weekend because the topic (good health through nutrition) was one that used to interest me…until I began studying fungus. 

There were several nutrition experts on the show including one they kept calling “doctor.” After 30-minutes, I finally understood why the topic of nutrition is so controversial. If you don’t know fungus, you don’t know nutrition. Period.

Fungus changes nutritional facts.

1. 100 calories of corn infected with Aspergillus can kill a grossly overweight human being, yet it’s only 100 calories! 
2. There are over 80 nutrients in peanuts, but if one peanut has poisonous fungus in it, who cares?
3. Zearalenone is an estrogenic mycotoxin and it is in our beef supply. I wonder why millions of beef eating men have “Low-T?”
4. Of the thousands of fungal byproducts (mycotoxins) discovered thus far, most suppress immunity. These mycotoxins impregnate our grain supply, including “whole grains.” Sick people eating “healthy” whole grains are found everywhere America.
5. One mycotoxin, called aflatoxin, is carcinogenic to humans. The fungus that makes aflatoxin is in our grain supply, yet nutrition experts continue telling us to eat whole grains. They then scratch their heads and ask “why” when cancer statistics are released.

We’ll be right back with our four nutrition experts right after this break! Fungus changes everything-don’t let it change your health.



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