Asthma or Mold?

  About 5-10% of severe asthma patients respond poorly to maximum cortisone dose treatments, which is the standard treatment for severe asthma. Researchers from the RIKEN center and Keio University in Japan have discovered that the anti-psychotic drug Pimozide, can be used successfully to help these patients. 

MY TAKE-I had a dear friend in high school that had very severe asthma, so I don’t take lightly how concerned doctors, parents and friends become for these patients when yet another attack occurs. It would make so much more sense to determine the cause of the attacks and eliminate them.
Even our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has documented that mold causes asthma. It is my opinion that EVERYONE with breathing problems of any kind, should immediately test their home ($15 mold test kit at Home Depot or Lowes) for mold. Don’t want to do that? Well, even if the test came back negative, with my doctor’s approval, I’d take antifungal supplements and strictly follow a Kaufmann 1 diet for 30-45 days. Better after a few weeks? GREAT! You haven’t cured it, rather you’ve accurately labeled it and that is good. The suffering you’ve endured might hereinafter be called “mold induced breathing problems,” rather than asthma. Watch carefully when the breathing problems return. You’re probably within shouting range of mold and it wears many masks, from medications like antibiotics or cortisone, to foods like alcohol or corn, to a moldy office building, church, or home. 





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