Ep 49 – Health Begins In…The Bathroom?


June 2nd, 2017

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Hosted by Doug Kaufmann
Guest(s): Scott Olsen

Show Notes:

00:44 – Kathy’s story
03:10 – The common thread all health success stories seem to have
04:00 – Three things we know cause breast cancer
08:00 – The strange company name that stuck
09:00 – Why the colon matters to good health
11:20 – What’s unique about this fiber vs standard psyllium?
13:50 – “Good health begins in the gut”
14:25 – The most advanced defense system known
14:50 – “Antibiotics for dinner last night…”
17:50 – Harsh effects of certain laxatives (even naturals!)
19:00 – “The formula that works when nothing else does”
20:00 – The strange effect gut health has on one’s complexion
21:10 – “Be cautious observing the effect and thinking it’s the cause”
22:45 – A secret of Chernobyl survivors who lived to 100
24:40 – Can damage from antibiotics show up decades later?


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