Do You Suffer From Sinus Problems?


For many, sinus problems just seem to be an inevitability. The pressure, congestions, pain––all of these problems are what many people live with on a regular basis. To that end, many people turn to drugs, both prescription and over the counter. A doctor is much more likely to prescribe you a drug for sinus infections than he or she would be to discuss anything else with you. Chronic sinus problems, for some, are just inevitable, he or she would probably say.

But does this show the whole picture? In 1999, the Mayo Clinic published that 99% of all chronic sinusitis cases were influenced by fungus. Knowing this, it is safe to say that mold, fungus and mildew can play a role in causing misery in the sinuses. Yet, many still receive antibiotics as treatment for sinus problems. Perhaps, then, the standard treatment for sinus problems may also be responsible for perpetuating a fungal infection that may be causing sinus problems to begin with!

This is some speculation, of course, but there are a few simple ways to find out whether your sinus problems are perhaps being caused by fungus. One way is to go on an anti-fungal program, such as the Kaufmann 1 Diet. This diet removes all sugar, grain, corn, legumes, dairy, alcohol, starchy and processed foods. Instead, you are encouraged to eat vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, a limited variety of less-sweet fruits and healthy oils. Eating in this way is designed to do two things: limit exposure to foods known to be contaminated with fungal poisons (i.e., grains, sugar, alcohol, etc.) and starve pathogenic fungi by eliminating its favorite food, sugar.

In addition to this, natural, anti-fungal supplements are encouraged, such as olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, caprylic acid, et. al. This will also work towards killing internal, pathogenic fungi. Then, to aid in recolonizing the gut with beneficial flora, probiotic supplements are encouraged too. (Plain yogurt can assist towards this end, as well; plain yogurt and grass-fed butter are the only dairy products allowed on Kaufmann 1.)

Finally, testing the indoor air quality in your home and place of work is critical. You may find that you have a problem with mold, fungus and/or their spores. These infestations can lurk in even the cleanest of homes, particularly those that have had any sort of water damage. Should you find that you have a mold problem, remediation may be necessary. However, improving indoor air quality may allow you to make great strides towards clearing up chronic sinus problems.

This three step approach may help you clear up perpetual problems you have suffered from for years!

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