Do you have brain fungus?

Of course, it is extremely well documented that fungus can enter the brain. What is yet to be understood is what happens to the brain once infected. We get a glimpse of what might occur thanks to a new article on Entitled Fatal fungus showing up in Midwestern pastures,” the article interviews several veterinarians who are witnessing the frightening brain effects of a fungus called “Ergot” on pasture animals.

Tim Evans, a veterinary toxicologist was called to ranch in Missouri recently to try to determine what might have killed 4 of their 20 cows. It turned out that the grass they were eating was infected with the mycotoxin ergot, made by Claviceps fungi. Chemically ergot is related to LSD and was linked to deadly human epidemics in the Middle Ages. Some historians believe that ergot was the cause of The Salem Witch Hunts and St. Anthony’s Fire, in which people scratched until they bled, convulsed and hallucinated. The article continues by stating that ergot compounds cause arteries to constrict, causing labored breathing, elevated body temperatures and restricted blood supply to extremities.

In other news, reports that 13% of Americans now take antidepressants. Do you see the same link that I do?

MY TAKE-if antidepressants were available during the middle ages, 100% of those suspected of being witches would have been on them. Yes, there are some antifungal properties in today’s antidepressants, but would they have helped? Until we stop the behavior that caused the symptoms, pills will only fix us a few hours at a time. Given this data, how far has science really advanced? It is not only cattle that eat cereals infected with fungus. I wonder how many people currently taking antidepressants have been eating fungus throughout the day and THAT is really what is causing their brain symptoms. Of course-that’s just my take!



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