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Decongestants Don’t Work

Decongestants Dont Work
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Phenylephrine, an ingredient in Many decongestants apparently has never worked.  As I have repeatedly stated during the past several years, when it comes to science, nothing shocks me anymore. Says a CNN article, “phenylephrine works by temporarily reducing the swelling of blood vessels in the nasal passages. A respiratory infection or allergies prompt the body to send white blood cells to the nose, throat, and sinuses, leading to swelling in the nasal membranes and the creation of mucus. Decongestants constrict the blood vessels in the sinuses and nose, reducing the swelling and helping fluids drain.”  So, we were told.

Isn’t it sad when medical trust erodes?  I still want to believe that over the counter, cost effective products like Sudafed with 50-year histories actually worked.  But my gut tells me that an exciting and expensive new prescriptive decongestant is about to hit the market.


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