Genetic Cause of Deep Fungal Infections Discovered

  Published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, this research purports that Deep skin fungal conditions are caused by a genetic deficiency in the CARD9 gene. 

MY TAKE: Where do I start? Decades before this paper ever emerged, there were thousands of research papers proving that fungal mycotoxins damage, mutate or actually break DNA strands. Now we are told it’s the other way around, that it’s the broken DNA strands that cause the fungal infection! 
From this research, we are led to believe, for reasons that I will reveal in a moment, that deep skin fungal infections occur because of a cellular CARD9 genetic anomaly. The truth be know, however, even with no CARD9 genetic flaw, left exposed long enough, the skin of anyone would become infected, because that’s what fungi do! They aren’t frightened off by genetic flaws-they CAUSE genetic flaws! 

Information like this gets published in medical journals, I believe, because drug companies pump money into medical journals. You absolutely know where this research is headed. Every dermatologist in America will soon be told to peddle a new drug that prevents deep skin fungal infections by inhibiting the CARD9 mutations! And why stop there? Fungi infect eyeballs, and kidneys, and earwax and uvulas! Bad genes cause fungal infections? As wrong as I believe this information is, who cares if new drugs can be made and new markets created for them? BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! 


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