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Can Fungus Cause Heart Swelling?

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New research tells us that the gout drug Colchicine, may be effective in treating pericarditis. PERI means around, CARD means heart and ITIS means swelling. Pericarditis, therefore, means swelling around the heart.

The condition is generally treated with antibiotics, if an infection is present, or steroids, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Recently some doctors have been using colchicine with good results. Why is colchicine working for pericarditis?

As I have repeatedly stated, I do not believe that the human body makes uric acid that purportedly causes gout. I know that fungus makes it, however. One thing is certain; colchicine relieves the symptoms of gout, but not the disease itself.

A.V.Costantini, MD, a research physician with the World Health Organization taught us that colchicine has antifungal properties and it is those properties that make it effective in relieving gout. Gout, he contends, is a fungal disease. But Costantini and his research partners did not stop there. They authored an entire book (FungalBionics) on heart disease, claiming that many heart problems were also linked to fungus.

Why is colchicine working for pericarditis? Could the same yeast that makes bread become swollen, also cause swelling around the human heart? If it could….would an antifungal pill stop the swelling? You bet it would….and it does!

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