Can Asthma Be Cured?

doug-headshot-bw asks, “What does mold have to do with asthma and nasal allergies? Quite a lot, actually.” I agree.

Regarding asthma, says, “coping isn’t controlling.” is a drug website that teaches visitors how to control asthma with drugs.

MY TAKE: “coping isn’t controlling.” No kidding. Nor is controlling curing! There are three “C’s” to consider (cope, control and cure) when you have asthma. Coping is what many respiratory sufferers do, while controlling with medication is what others do. Curing, I believe, can be achieved if you “know the cause.” Now that we know that inhaling mold has “quite a lot” to do with asthma, would avoiding contact with mold reverse it? I have a suggestion for Perhaps they could help more of their website visitors by simply changing their name. The new website might even include referencing a potential asthma cure. How about


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