Ep 55 – Can Any Disease Really Be Reversed?


Nov 1st, 2017

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Hosted by Doug Kaufmann
Guest(s): Lee Cowden

Show Notes:


:10 – 1:25 – The cardiologist who had 200 patient interactions per day

1:45 – The pros of Integrative Medicine are at the Get Your Life Back Now seminar

2:45 – Reversal of cardiovascular disease, Lyme Disease, cancer??

4:00 – Become a lay member of ACIMConnect.com

4:50 – Become a lay Integrative Health Coach through ACIM

7:20 – Can late-stage disease be reversed?

8:30 – “My doctor said diet didn’t matter in my condition”

9:00 – “I lost some patients when I practiced pure allopathic medicine”

11:10 – Introduction to the topics at the Get Your Life Back Now conference

12:50 – Technology that grows more food than GMOs, but without the potential health worries

15:00 – “If genetically modified food is so good, why don’t you label it?”

16:30 – “The Four Foot Farm”

17:30 – The future of ACIM


To register for the event, go to www.ACIMEvents.com

For more information about ACIM, go to ACIMConnect.com




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