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Burn Fat More Quickly

Burn Fat Quickly
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Perhaps the most common health goal shared by the greatest number of people who find Know The Cause is the desire to shed some weight. This is no surprise; as many as 32.5% of Americans are considered overweight; and additional 36.5% are considered clinically obese. How can we burn fat more quickly?

Certainly, liking the way you look is important, and this likely motivates many people to shed some weight. However, a motivator that is equally as important is that number of health complications that are associated with being overweight. Carrying extra weight predisposes people to a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases that leads to diabetes, and even cancer. The more we learn about the implications of carrying too much weight, the more we learn about the importance of maintaining healthy weight throughout our lives. 

Losing weight can be difficult, and there is a lot of conflicting data about how to best go about shedding those extra pounds. It would be an exercise in utility to debunk every single myth, but one thing we know fo certain is the importance of diet in maintaining weight. 

No Strategy Beats Diet

If you do not keep your diet in check, losing weight is going to be very difficult, if not impossible. There are many diets that purport to be useful for losing weight, but The Kaufmann Diet seems particularly well suited to this. Despite the fact that the main purpose of the Kaufmann Diet is to eliminate yeast and fungal problems, people who begin the diet seem to effortlessly shed unwanted weight. 

Keeping a strict Kaufmann Diet will undoubtedly help you get on the path to weight loss. Of course, everyone wants instantaneous results, but even with the most efficient weight loss strategies, it is good to manage your expectations when it comes to how quickly you should see results.

There are some additional strategies that are backed by science that can help expedite your weight loss. 


Sleep is vital for your body to repair itself. Importantly, for weight loss, during sleep is when your body releases human growth hormone, or HGH, which is vital for weight loss. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you aren’t getting enough of this natural fat-burning hormone. 


L-carnetine is an amino acid that you can take supplementally that has some ability to help usher fat into the mitochondria of cells. It is not a silver bullet, but it can be useful for helping boost your body’s natural fat burning abilities. 

High Intensity Interval Training

This intense form of working out not only takes a lot of calories, but it also puts your body in a better position to burn fat throughout the day. HIIT does this by boosting human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone––two hormones that facilitate weight loss. HIIT is very intense, so talk to your doctor before partaking in these types of workouts. 


The Fungus link to weight lossWalking is an excellent fat burning activity, and not just if you are new to exercise; walking’s fat burning properties are well documented, and it might be one of the best exercises you can regularly participate in without the risk for injury. 

Stop being puzzled by weight loss, and stop spending thousands of dollars on pills, potions and popular weight loss equipment. Order The Fungus Link To Weight Loss and see how simple it can be to shed unwanted weight.

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