Breast Cancer Drug, Tamoxifen Fights Fungal Disease


“This work sets the stage for additional animal studies to see if tamoxifen can be used as a drug in people and will allow us to design new drugs related to tamoxifen that are better antifungals,”

In 1987, National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded researcher, Ross C. Donehower, M.D., and his colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center described paclitaxel as “a unique plant-derived substance that stops tumor growth.”

I have to wonder if this esteemed group ever knew why paclitaxel stopped tumor growth.  You see, Taxotere, Taxol and Tamoxifen, all derivatives of the Pacific Yew tree, all kill fungus.  As I recall, two, Taxotere and Taxol, still are taken from the tree itself, while, tamoxifen is made in a laboratory now.  I recall the excitement long ago after their discovery.  Drug companies scrambled to synthesize the Pacific Yew tree extracts that made drugs out of this simple tree.  By 1992, at least 30 academic research teams were working on making a chemical that worked as well as the tree extract itself.  Doesn’t that sentence strike you as odd?  If the plentifully available tree natural extract worked so well, why not share this lifesaving information with the public and help them?  Is it because lifesaving information can’t be deposited into a bank?

Just know that I am discovering that many drugs that really help fix our health problems, be they diabetes, gout, high cholesterol or cancer drugs also kill fungus.  Is that coincidental, or are most of our health problems linked to fungus?

The above referenced paper, now 5 years old, and from a prestigious group has made a “peripheral discovery.”  Little do these brilliant scientists suspect that the reason this tree extract works for breast cancer is because breast cancer sometimes has a fungal cause.  Its response to a toe nail fungus drug (  somehow does not convince our brightest and best.

My purpose has never been to convince healthcare practitioners, although I’m being noticed at medical events where I speak on the fungus link to cancer.  Rather, I’ve long been convinced that the information I deliver in these blogs can become the basis for your awareness and/or recovery!

The Fungus Link to Womens Health Problems

Fungus Link to Womens Health Book

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