Breast Cancer-Are You Aware?


October used to be Halloween month, but now it is breast cancer awareness month. If I’ve seen the word “awareness” once, I’ve seen it a thousand times in October! For this reason, before October ends, I want to make you even more aware of what science is really saying about breast cancer. I’m hoping this important information will make the reader aware of not only a means to prevent breast cancer, but also to enable breast cancer patients to piece together what might have contributed to, or actually caused it.

• A diet high in carbohydrates and starches increases your risk of breast cancer.

• Alcohol of any kind increases your risk of fatal breast cancer.

• Antibiotics are linked to breast cancer.

• Tamoxifen kills fungus.

• Mammograms expose the breast tissues to radiation and radiation is carcinogenic.

• A coin-flip is 50% accurate. A mammogram is 58% accurate.

• Our American beef supply has a growth hormone in it that is estrogenic.

• Fungal infections of the breast might mimic cancer.

• In 1995, a medical journal reported on 3 women who had breast cancer. A fine needle aspiration (FNA) procedure was done on all 3 of their breast lumps and the results were + for fungus in two patients and surgically excised tissue stained + for fungus in the third patient. Antifungal drugs successfully treated the breast cancer in two of the patients. At the time of publication, the third patient had just begun antifungal drugs.

Were you “aware” of these breast cancer facts? To me, October articles about new mammogram guidelines, graphic mastectomy photos, and learning to how talk to your doctor about your mammogram are more representative of propaganda than awareness. Knowledge precedes awareness. I hope I’ve helped you to that end. Until next Halloween….oops…I mean breast cancer awareness month, stay well!

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