Are there really health benefits to wine?


Virtually everyone is touting the many health benefits of drinking wine. Even a popular health magazine is promoting a glass or two of red wine daily. Know that there are two sides to every story.


Earlier this year, a University of Connecticut researcher, one of red wines greatest promoters, who for many years studied and published data on the health benefits of red wine, was found to have falsified much (145 counts of fabrication and falsification) of his data. Dr. Dipak K. Das particularly studied one component of grape skin called “resveratrol” and widely published on the health benefits of resveratrol, and therefore red wine. As you might imagine, Americans were enamored with University scientific research telling us that alcohol could add years to our lives and prevent human diseases. As you are well aware, I always thought, and taught just the opposite!

I wasn’t alone. A few years ago, the Journal of Oncology reported that alcohol of any kind increased the risk of breast cancer. Of course, the word “mycotoxin” rarely appears in medical journal articles implicating alcohol in cancer, even though alcohol itself is a mycotoxin! If doctors and researchers only knew about these poisonous chemicals in alcoholic beverages, they would finally understand how that seemingly harmless glass of red wine night after night, might actually predispose anyone to a host of health problems, including, but not limited to, breast cancer. In 2008, the American Chemical Society stated this; “A metabolite of black aspergilli growing on grapes, ochratoxin A has often been found in wine on six continents. The European Union has a regulatory limit of 2.0 ppb in wine and grape juice. Up to 15.6 ppb of ochratoxin A has been found in red wine …” PPB means “parts per billion.”

One day, doctors’ will all know this and research dollars will come pouring in against those scoundrels that make alcohol. After all, 60 years ago today, 4 out of 5 doctors smoked Camels, until those scoundrel tobacco companies were accused of killing their patients!  




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