Antifungal Drug Shows Promise as Potential New Cancer Treatment



Yet another headline that should have every physician in America ecstatic, but they won’t “get” the link and we won’t get the drug.

This is the 4th or 5th paper in the past few years that has identified the antifungal drug Sporanox as useful and effective in treating various types of cancer. Of course, you and I jump for joy because we know why an antifungal drug would be effective in treating cancer. Fungal mycotoxins not only cause cancer, but I believe cancer is being grossly over diagnosed because it cannot be differentiated from large sac fungal formations, called “ascomycetes.” So cancer and fungus go hand in hand, as this paper once again proves.

Unfortunately, doctors may never read this headline and even if they did, few would put 1+1 together. For that reason, this glaring headline will likely sink into an ocean of other promising headlines and be buried forever. All the while various cancer research organizations continue to search for “the cause.” Can it be anymore obvious? If antifungal drugs successfully treat ANY disease, what then is the cause of that disease? Good for you!

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