Antibiotics-Over Prescribed And Injuring Us?



A stunning confession was published in May 2015 about how very common misdiagnoses are in doctors offices and hospitals.  I bring this to your attention not to shake a finger at the medical community, but rather as a means of educating you on what your doctor is thinking every time you visit him.   At the very basis of his education was years of study in a field called “microbiology”, or the study of germs.  Given drug company influence in that education and the thousands of antibiotics that exist in pharmacies today, you can bet that a class like “antibiotic prescription writing 101” was mandated before graduation.

It is very, very common today for diagnostic mistakes to occur, as I have been teaching for decades, fungal infections are all but overlooked in favor of quickly prescribing antibiotics for bacterial infections.  Surely, medical students quickly learn, all infections are bacterial, since so many antibiotic drugs exist!  According to current publications, however, most of what antibiotics were prescribed for was wrong and the patient didn’t need them.

OK, mistake happen, but these mistakes are especially egregious because instead of paying for their mistakes, medicine is benefitting by them.  As victims of drug overprescribing, we become more reliant on returning to these same doctors when injured by their prescriptions.  Hospital readmission rates are staggeringly high.

A new online study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, stated what I have feared for decades:

“The researchers found that 95 percent of patients with an incorrect or indeterminate diagnosis, or with a symptom identified but no diagnosis made, were given inappropriate antibiotics. By comparison, only 38 percent of patients who received a correct diagnosis were incorrectly given antibiotics. The inappropriate use of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance, clinical failure, adverse drug events, and excessive costs.”

So, without a proper diagnoses, almost all of us receive an antibiotics!  Just as embarrassing, even with a “proper diagnoses,” 4 in 10 of us received a prescription for an antibiotics and didn’t require it!   It appears as thought very few of us are getting the quality medical care that we need.  9 months ago, another publication stated that the costs related to unnecessary antibiotic use each year is $163,000,000, and it is totally avoidable.  What has changed in those 9 months?

Sometimes we need an antibiotic, so go to a doctor if you need to.  Please know that at the first signs of sickness, if you would immediately get your doctors approval to change your diet, stay in bed for a day or two and use natural antimicrobial supplements like aged garlic, beta glucan, olive leaf and vitamins and minerals, many of you would realize, and be quite proud of the fact, that you nursed yourself back to health without drugs.  Most importantly, 90% of you would realize that your diet and stress levels made you sick in the first place.  In order to REALLY FIX, you must know that REAL REST, REAL FOOD, REAL SUPPLEMENTS and REAL FORGIVENESS are necessary.   Make yourself well! 




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