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Antibiotic Resistance, or Change Resistance?

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“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.” Winston Churchill

You’ve seen the headlines the past few days; CDC says “nightmare bacteria” a growing threat, or NYC Warns of “absolutely terrifying” meningitis outbreak. 

What if I told you that our own ignorance is causing these horrific outbreaks and mutations? I believe they are. 
In 1999, The Mayo Clinic announced that 96% of chronic sinus infections were due to fungus. What physicians didn’t know then and most still don’t know today is that the antibiotics they continue to prescribe for chronic sinus infections aren’t working because the germs they are trying to kill aren’t bacteria! They’re fungus! But the blame goes to the bacteria, rather than the prescription writer. Today, doctors continue to write antibiotic prescriptions for chronic sinusitis! We are led to believe that these bacteria are tricky little buggers and that they are outsmarting our strongest antibiotics. WRONG! Worse, if the germs being treated with antibiotics are fungal or yeast, the antibiotics serve to fuel the fungus. An acute fungal pneumonia, for example, treated with antibiotics might assure chronic pneumonia, because they are using the wrong drugs. Stronger and stronger antibiotics are used hoping to save the pneumonia patients life, when for many I believe that a round or two of antifungals would have sufficed.

Here is another case in point and a scientific paper (Journal of Biological Chemistry) that confirms my suspicions. A few weeks ago, I read another dramatic headline aimed at scaring us. It said: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Uncovering How Deadly Bacteria Trick the Immune System. The Journal Science published that certain bacteria, including the type that causes tuberculosis, can “pretend to be viruses when infecting human cells and cause them to hijack the body’s immune response.” Nonsense, I say! What if these “certain bacteria” aren’t bacteria or pretend viruses at all? What if they are fungus? I believe they are and so does Professor Andrew Munro in England, whose discovery in 2007 was funded by The Bill Gates Foundation, The European Union and The World Health Organization.

Munro discovered that Tuberculosis (TB), one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases, responds favorably to “common antifungal drugs.” Why would TB die in the presence of antifungal drugs? There is but one reason. TB must be fungus, not bacteria! Why has TB become so aggressive? I believe it is because we rapidly accelerated these fungi with the indiscriminant use of antibiotics. In doing so, the fungus became more virulent. Most importantly, since it was never bacteria in the first place, we are erroneously referring to it as “nightmare bacteria” or an absolutely terrifying bacterium, when in fact it never was bacterial at all. 
That’s Just My Take! ~Doug~


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