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Allergies or Fungi?

Allergies Or Fungi
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We know that mold, fungi, and their spores can cause a variety of respiratory symptoms; could they be to blame for seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies are a concern for many people. Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and other respiratory symptoms can be so severe for many that they are often relegated to drugs and shots throughout the spring and fall. For many, the problem is not just seasonal, but a perennial problem that lasts throughout the years. It can feel like you are sick all year long!

Allergies are thought of as immune system responses to otherwise harmless compounds. These can be caused by pollen and are common in spring when plants are blooming. However, it is well documented in the medical literature that mold can exacerbate allergies and asthma, causing respiratory symptoms and misery. 

If you suffer from allergies, it might be time to get your home or place of work tested for mold. Mold lurks in dark, damp places with poor air flow, such as basements, bathrooms, beneath sinks, or behind drywall. In particular, if your home or office has experienced flooding, or water damage from a broken pipe, or a leak in the roof, it is susceptible to mold infestations. Modern buildings in particular, which are well-sealed, can be at risk for having mold colonize behind drywall or in other places with poor airflow. 

If you have allergies, testing the air quality in your home could be telling. 

Second, it may be time to try The Kaufmann Diet, which is an anti-fungal diet and program designed to fight pathogenic and parasitic yeasts and fungi within the body. If you have been exposed to molds and fungi, they could be wreaking havoc on your health from the inside out. Some of Doug Kaufmann’s early work was done in allergy and immunology clinics, where allergy patients seemed to benefit enormously from an anti fungal diet. 

The Fungus Link Vol 1Give the diet a try for 4-6 weeks and see if you experience relief from the allergies that have become so commonplace in your life. There may be a short period during which you actually feel worse or your allergies become more intense; this is known as a Herxheimer reaction, wherein the parasitic fungi that have been causing your health issues begin to die. This, ironically, is a sign you are on the right path and should clear up quickly. Afterwards, you may find that you feel better than you ever have before.

Between getting your living spaces tested––and remediated in the event that they are contaminated with mold––and The Kaufmann Diet and anti fungal program, you may finally find relief from seasonal or perennial allergies that have plagued you for years. 

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