Allergies Every Morning?

The website TeleManagement reports that bed pillows are a hot bed of fungal spores. A team of English researchers from the University of Manchester analyzed samples taken from pillows that were between 18 months and 20 years old.

Each proved to have “substantial fungal load with up to 16 species” identified in each pillow. Interestingly, synthetic (man made fillers) pillows tended to harbor a very toxic fungus called Aspergillus fumigatus.

MY TAKE-Whereas Aspergillus flavus produces the carcinogen, Aflatoxin b1, Aspergillus fumigatus produces Gliotoxin; a mycotoxin that is found in flooded spaces, and when mixed with human lung cells inside a laboratory test tube, was very damaging to them. It is likely that people with night sweats (often caused by alcohol or medications), have damp pillows much of the time.
Are you one of those people that wake up every morning sneezing, coughing and just plain miserable with allergies? Go buy a new, natural pillow (do people really keep a pillow for 20 years in England?) and see if the next morning you don’t feel so much better. Remember, fungi are everywhere and your pillow is no exception!


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