A step backwards for the Kaufmann 1 Diet

I don’t remember the exact year that The Kaufmann 1 Diet came together, but I’ve known since I was a teenager that diet affected the way I felt. The Kaufmann 1 Diet allows meats and most nuts, but completely eliminates sugar and grains.

Practicing physicians often turn to published reports to determine which diet to recommend for their patients.
The medical journal SLEEP recently published findings that confirm my fifty-year old hypothesis that food really does impact health. Seems that the good doctors have found that if you are constantly tired or have a problem staying alert, food might be “the cause.” They are both right and wrong.


That food affects our bodies seems so elementary to me. Unfortunately many doctors base their dietary recommendations on published date-even if it is inconclusiveness. At best, this study is inconclusive. At worst, I am concerned that it will harm many people.

These researchers found that eating fat (nuts and meats) was associated with increased sleepiness, while eating carbohydrates, (sugar and grains) were associated with increased alertness. Publishing means everything to researchers today, even if the bottom line can’t be credibly substantiated. There is also good news. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief to learn that this published research was done with only 31 subjects (people). Unfortunately, this study was significant because doctors will now tell their patients to eat less meat and nuts and more sugar and grains based on the outcome. It was also totally insignificant, scientifically, because using only 31 people in a study of diet (320,000,000 Americans eat 365 days annually) certainly does not even warrant publication. Far too many of you have told me that The Kaufmann 1 Diet works. I’m glad you found us.


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