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A simple supplement – Quercetin

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Given the lack of information on the ability of fungal mycotoxins to mimic or actually cause serious diseases like cancer, wouldn’t it be amazing if simple supplements like Caprylic Acid, garlic or Quercetin worked simply because they stopped fungus from spreading though out the body?  Decades from now, I predict this will be the case.  But why spend millions of research dollars only to find that a $24.95 bottle of harmless Quercetin could stop cancer from spreading?  It seems that the real money lies in convincing the scientist readers that is isn’t so much the plant nutrient (phytonutrient) that halts cancer cells from metastasizing, rather the process that this phytonutrient is blocking or inhibiting.  You see, identifying perceived or real pathways being inhibited by the phytonutrient puts the emphasis on the pathway and not the $24.95 supplement. 

First, the goal is to locate and isolate the active ingredient in the phytonutrient. Next, add a few salts or acids to enable uniqueness, and therefore a patent.  One must never disclose the formula to anyone during this process.  Then, get the FDA involved in approving your patent and VOILA!  As many of you know, I believe that fungi and yeast cells either cause or mimic cancer.  So, to induce apoptosis (pop) a yeast cell perfectly, in my opinion, may be identical to popping a cancer cell.  In 2020, the journal Fungal Biology published an article entitled, Quercetin-induced yeast apoptosis through mitochondrial dysfunction under the accumulation of magnesium in Candida albicans. It was found that the simple supplement, Quercetin “exhibited antifungal activity against Candida albicans.” As it turned out, Quercetin caused disease causing yeast cells to…simply pop!  

The past few years have been good to Quercetin.  Many papers now document its ability to help cancer patients. Unfortunately, I rarely see it printed in lay articles.  Each of these article listed below refer to quercetin’s ability to interfere with cancer cells or their spread through the body, yet never once in any of these papers is it mentioned that perhaps….just perhaps…the reason that this simple, safe, inexpensive and safe supplement called quercetin….just happens to inhibit yeast and fungal cells.  THAT, I believe is how quercetin helps cancer patients.   


2016-Inhibitory effect of quercetin on colorectal lung metastasis through inducing apoptosis, and suppression of metastatic ability (Phytomedicine)

2017-The protective effect of quercetin on cyclophosphamide-induced lung toxicity in rats. (Pharmacotherapy, 2017)

2018-Quercetin inhibits prostate cancer by attenuating cell survival and inhibiting anti-apoptotic pathways. (World Journal of Surgical Oncology)

2019-Synergistic anticancer action of quercetin and curcumin against triple-negative breast cancer cell lines. (J Cell Physiology)

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