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A new pharmaceutical approach – treating well people

New Pharmaceutical Approach
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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) represented one of the first pharmaceutical ventures that did not require a sick person.  As a matter of fact, HRT was, and perhaps still is, prescribed to women who were well, so they didn’t get sick!  We and our physicians were told that the prescribed hormones would keep post-menopausal women well!  When that balloon popped (1), the pharmaceutical industry found new ways to cash in on…well people!  Today, over 200,000,000 people take prescriptive statin medication aimed at lowering blood fats.  You see, apparently, having high blood fats cause health problems.  We heard that same story with HRT’s, didn’t we? We forget quickly!  Do people with high blood fats have more heart attacks? The proof would certainly be if the #1 killer of we Americans (heart diseases) slipped to #12 in the 40 years we’ve been handing out statin drugs, yet that isn’t the case.  Heart diseases has remained the #1 killer of we Americans, yet our doctors are just beginning to understand that. Some scientists are finally questioning the use of statin drugs (2) to prevent heart related diseases, like atherosclerosis. I believe that dietary changes, regular exercise and certain safe supplements would quite possible do the same thing. The goal of the pharmaceutical industry seems to be humanitarian.  They save us before these blood fats, or Alzheimer’s disease amyloid plaque, or lack of post-menopausal estrogen kills us!

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It should shock no one that this same pharmaceutical industry now wants to save us from a disease called “diabetes,” before it attacks us.  True to form, scientists are lauding the development of yet another “disease prevention” drug that purportedly prevents, and perhaps even cures (their words, certainly not mine) diabetes (3).  I hope these newly developed “anti-diabetes” injections never come back to haunt millions of recipients one day in the future.

History has shown us that it takes reeducating physicians with a team of drug company salespersons about 30-50 years before they come to realize that this approach wasn’t effective, but they will certainly have both the time and the billions of dollars of revenue that this “prevention” approach will generate. Seems that everyone, except the patients themselves, can win from yet another “symptom and disease prevention” pharmaceutical approach.   Before the first injection, please study any new disease prevention approach offered by any pharmaceutical company.


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