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Doug Kaufmann's Know the Cause

Doug Kaufmann’s mission is to counsel both lay and professional audiences on achieving optimum health by avoiding poisonous fungal byproducts, called “mycotoxins.” Unbeknownst to most healthcare providers, humans are exposed to these mycotoxins in our medication, food, and air supply. Excess exposure is linked to many mammalian symptoms and diseases, as published extensively in medical journals. Our job is to assure that you know the cause.

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Learn about how Fungus can be linked to these items:


According to my hypothesis, cancer begins when the DNA from Fungus and the DNA from our white blood cells merge to form a new hybrid “tumor or sac.” This hybrid attains a life of it’s own now bypassing…

Digestive Disorders

Have your digestive tract or stomach problems been diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, or Ulcerative colitis? Many gastroenterologists believe that stomach & intestinal disorders are due to bacteria…


An in-depth look at Diabetes and the Fungus link with Doug Kaufmann. A new class of type two Diabetes drugs called “thiazolidinediones” has arrived on the market. You may know them as Actos and Avandia. 

Prostate Health

Doug Kaufmann sits down with Dr. Richard Ablin from the Univeristy of Arizona to discuss his PSA Protein. Watch this video interview & other related useful videos by clicking the button below and Know the Cause.

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