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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Diet During the Holidays

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Everyone knows that the holidays are one of the toughest times to maintain your diet, something that is already a tall order for most people, to begin with. The availability of foods not on your diet seems to increase exponentially; from parties, to visiting friends and family, to gifts, sugar and sweet things seem to abound, as do baked goods, bread and all other manner of foods not permitted on The Kaufmann Diet. Even for the strictest diet adherents, the holidays can be troublesome in this regard.

So how do you maintain your diet during the holidays? There is no one right answer for everyone. But below is a list of ideas that may assist in keep you from falling off the wagon… or, hopefully help keep you from falling too hard!

1. Preparation is key.
Preparation is always critical when maintaining a diet. From planning meals, to packing and carrying your own food, preparation is the antidote to the food cravings that can send you spiraling off your diet and into old habits. Particularly during the holidays, though, preparation and planning ahead can be crucial to navigating the holiday sugar traps. For example, you should likely not go to a party on an empty stomach if you know that sweets are going to be in abundance. Carrying your own food can be beneficial, as well. Even contributing to parties by bringing healthy options for guests is a good idea, and you may be surprised at how many guests and hosts alike thank you!

2. Find your Phase One-friendly foods.
If you are at a holiday party, chances are you can find something that is on, or close, to your diet. Stick to these foods, whether it is the ever present holiday turkey or a salad bar. Usually you can find something that is on your diet or close enough that you do not feel like you have cheated.

3. Be the host.

It is much easier to control the fare available when you are the one hosting. Again, to that end, we have a variety of holiday-friendly recipes available in our cookbooks; many are so delicious, your guests won’t even realize they are eating food that adheres to a diet!

4. Substitute.
Obviously, one of the most difficult pitfalls to navigate during the holidays is the abundance of sugar and sweet things. Fortunately, there are many ways you can substitute sugary treats during the holidays. Many substitutions are found in our cookbooks, available in our store, which contain an extensive desserts section. Not only that, you will find recipes for things such as almond bread, in addition to Kaufmann 1 recipes for many foods fit to serve during the holidays. Our website and show, too, are excellent resources for holiday recipes that will not only satisfy the pickiest of eaters, but fit within the framework of your diet.

5. Know that no one is perfect.
Inevitably, most people will likely wind up falling off their diet in some way; that’s ok! The truth is that no one ever maintains the diet to 100% perfection. The trick is to not let minor pitfalls ruin your overall goal, which is protecting yourself from pathogenic fungi and the mycotoxins they produce. Plus, if you have been following the diet for some time, you will likely how bad you feel after eating things not on your diet. This “food hangover” might become your best deterrent.

6. Keep up your supplement and exercise regimens.
Diet is obviously key to the success of the anti-fungal program. Maintaining your exercise and supplement regimens throughout the holidays can help fill in the gaps left by your diet. Let your exercise and supplements assist in keeping you healthy through the holiday months.

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