5 Tips For Avoiding Grains


With the rise in popularity of going “gluten-free”, getting rid of grains in your diet has never been more trendy. This certainly makes things easier for us on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, because on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, you are eliminating all grains, corn, sugar, starchy and carbohydrate laden foods. Now, the philosophies behind the gluten-free trend and The Kaufmann 1 Diet are very different, and just because a food is gluten free does not necessarily make it fit for your Kaufmann 1 Diet, but there is certainly some cross-over between foods people on both diets can enjoy and wish to avoid.

Regardless, for many, getting grains out of their diet is a difficult task. Particularly, if you eat the standard American diet, you likely consume lots of grain products on a regular basis, including breads, pastas, cakes, crackers, etc. Furthermore, grains lurk in many foods one would not initially expect, such as deli meats, salad dressings, sauces and other processed food products. Knowing this, trying to eliminate grains from your diet can become more difficult than you might expect.

If you are new to the Kaufmann 1 Diet and attempting to get grains out of your diet altogether, here are some tips for helping you eliminate them.

1. Get all the grains out of the house.
We have all been there when starting a diet; you are doing great, sticking to your plan, and then the cravings come on. Doing a freezer, refrigerator and pantry purge before beginning the diet is a good idea. Getting rid of tempting foods, such as snack cakes, breads and crackers will eliminate the temptation when you are hungry and craving addictive, grain-heavy foods.

2. Eat out less.
Eating out can provide a myriad of stumbling blocks for staying the course on your diet. Furthermore, you are not always sure what exactly is in your food, even when you are trying to stick the framework of the diet. Eating at home is typically healthier, more affordable, and you can guarantee that each meal you prepare is fully grain-free.

3. Carry your own food.
Becoming a food carrier is good way to ensure that you avoid anything that is not on your diet, including grains, while you are away from home. With the myriad of food transporting products available that keep foods hot or cold, it is easier than ever to carry your own food.


4. Read the labels.
When you read the labels on any sort of processed food, you may be surprised to find grain or grain products listed on the label. These foods should also be avoided while you are on the Kaufmann 1 Diet.

5. Try incorporating some pseudo-grains into your diet.
These include quinoa, amaranth and others. They can help sate your cravings for grains when you are on the diet and craving certain textures and flavors, but these foods are allowed on the Kaufmann 1 and Two Diets.

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