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5 Rules For Longevity

Rules For Longevity
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Most of us desire to live well, and live well into old age, yet our lifestyles certainly seem intent on making that a difficult task. Whether it is the abysmal diet––filled with sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed foods––many people eat, or the sedentary lives we lead, or the stress we feel from schedules that are kept too busy, we don’t do our bodies any favors if we want to live long, healthy lives. These simple steps may help extend the longevity of your life. 

Science continues to reveal that our lifestyle––everything from what, when and how much we eat to how much we move and how much we sleep––all can have a profound impact on the health we experience. And, to the extent that all of these factors can help prevent disease, they are important factors when it comes to living not just a healthy life, but a long life too. 

Eat A Healthy Diet

What you eat is very important, and not just for the obvious reasons. We all know we should avoid processed foods, unhealthy fats, and added sugar, but diet is also one of the biggest factors at work if you suspect you might have a fungal or yeast problem in the body. The Kaufmann Diet is designed to eliminate these parasitic organisms from the body, which can otherwise cause serious health problems that can be difficult to diagnose. Sadly, this might be more common than many people think. Simultaneously though, the Kaufmann Diet checks all the boxes for a diet that would promote longevity. It eliminates sugar, processed foods, and foods high in unhealthy fats. It encourages vegetables, lean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, certain fruits in moderation and limited dairy. If you want to get your diet dialed in for the long haul, The Kaufmann Diet is a great place to start. 

Move Regularly

Sitting all day is considered as bad for you as smoking tobacco when it comes to the elevation of certain health risk factors. Our bodies were designed to move and move frequently. Some studies have indicated that regularly exercising as little as 150 minutes a week can cut the risk of cancer in half while lowering cardiovascular risk factors as well. Exercise is an important part of the Kaufmann Diet and Lifestyle and an important component of a lifestyle that promotes longevity. 

Control Your Stress Levels

Stress increases cortisol, inflammation, and can mess with your immune system. Many of us do little to control our stress. Truly, sometimes it is impossible to control all the circumstances in our lives that might stress us out, but what we can control is how we respond to, and thus mitigate, the stress those situations inflict on us. Mitigating stress has implications for our diet, our exercise routine, and getting enough sleep, but it also means doing things like taking quiet time each day to pray or mediate, taking time to relax, and orienting our lives around our health and not just productivity to the best of our ability. 

Sleep. No, Really. 

Studies of millions of sleepers have revealed that those who sleep the least are often at the highest risk of disease. Sleep is the time our bodies repair themselves, and getting enough sleep is important for controlling the stress in our lives. Committing to getting a good night’s sleep every night is just as important as what we eat and the amount of exercise we get. 

Consider Intermittent Fasting

Some interesting research has emerged showing that intermittent fasting might be an excellent anti-aging protocol. In a fasted state, our bodies do some important things; namely, autophagy occurs, which is the processes wherein our old, worn out cells are recycled and our body repairs itself. There are many ways to go about Intermittent fasting, but one of the simplest is as easy as keeping an 8 hour eating window and fasting for the other 16 hours in the day.

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