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Why You Should Avoid Alcohol Completely

Avoid Alcohol
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Alcohol remains a centerpiece of social life for many people. To that end, we have been told that imbibing in moderation is ok, and might even confer some health benefits. Wine, after all, contains antioxidants, and to the extent that alcohol relaxes people and might temporarily help ease stress, it seems alcohol could potentially be a part of someone’s healthy regimen. So Why You Should Avoid Alcohol Completely?

Obviously, alcohol consumption is associated with numerous health problems. But often, we associate these types of alcohol-related problems with drinking too much, not with drinking alcohol in moderation. 

However, not every piece of evidence suggests that even moderate drinking is healthy or beneficial. Some studies suggest that drinking any alcohol at all––regardless of the type––can raise the risk for certain types of cancer. This is is unsurprising, because alcohol consumption is implicated in a wide variety of different types of cancer. And, there might be some insight into why this is. 

Alcohol is the byproduct of brewer’s yeast fermenting sugar. Therefore, alcohol fits the definition of a mycotoxin. Too much alcohol––whether in the long run or short run––can kill you: the “toxin” designation. Yeast is a type of fungus: the “myco” designation. Alcohol is a toxin produced by fungus, therefore it is a mycotoxin. 

Alcohol is not the only mycotoxin implicated in cancer. Aflatoxin B1 is among the most carcinogenic substances known to man, and is known to cause liver cancer. (Alcohol is implicated in liver cancers as well.) 

Furthermore, alcohol, itself, and the inherent yeasts may not be the only fungal problems associated with alcohol beverages. If you look at many of the foods that are used in the manufacturing of alcohol––including foods like barley, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar, and certain fruits––many of these foods are known to already be contaminated with mycotoxins. So when you drink things like beer, or spirits, and even wine, there is a chance you are getting mycotoxins in the form of alcohol and as unintended contaminants. 

Will a glass of wine now and again kill you? No, but to the extent that alcohol serves as a centerpiece of many people’s social lives, it may be time to rethink the relationship to alcohol in a social setting.If you must imbibe, the less frequent, the better. Particularly, if you are experiencing health problems that might be related to yeast or fungus, the mycotoxin risk posed by regular or even occasional alcohol consumption might not be worth it, at all. 

Furthermore, after a period of time on The Kaufmann Diet, you might find that even one or two glasses of wine on an isolated occasion will leave you feeling bad the following day, even if you did not drink enough for the dreaded hangover. After you have lived a yeast and fungus-free lifestyle for a period of time, reintroducing things like alcohol which you used to enjoy might show you how much better you have become accustom to feeling. 

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