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Why Routines Are Important

routines are important
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You can think of your lifestyle as being the sum of all your routines. This is why going on a diet for a few weeks or working out occasionally do not have the effect of dramatically altering your health. What matters ultimately is what you do regularly––this is why it is especially important to develop healthy routines. Ultimately, our routines and our habits are what create our overall lifestyle, which can either support health and vitality, or detract from it. 

If you have reached a point where you are fed up with feeling bad, or if you want to alter the course of your health away from disease and towards vitality, it becomes very necessary to change your routines. Creating healthy routines turns into healthy habits, which of course, you ultimately do not have to think about. Healthy living is just something you do. 

This is what is encouraged with The Kaufmann Diet. Sure, 4-6 weeks on the diet can tell you if underlying yeasts or fungal infections might have been making you feel ill, or if mycotoxins in the foods you regularly ate were detracting from your health. But if you immediately return to old habits after a brief period on the diet, chances are you will wind up back to square one in a short matter of time. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that prevents illness. This is impossible without creating healthier routines. 

We all know changing dietary habits is one of the most challenging things you can do, especially if you are accustom to eating fast food, or highly-processed and highly palatable foods that are high in sugar, carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and preservatives. Without developing healthy routines, it is simply too easy to slip back into unhealthy eating patterns.  

Many people’s diet is heavily influenced by their daily or weekly routines. During weekdays, mornings are hectic for most people, so reaching for the closest box of sugary cereal is the easiest thing for breakfast. Lunch must be quick, so fast food or take out is the most compatible within time constraints. Again, on the way home from work or picking kids up, take out food or frozen dinners, or some other form of processed, easily-prepared food is the easiest option. 

Most people’s schedules are more or less inflexible––work, school, and other obligations are not going to change, even for something as important as cultivating healthy habits. This makes it all the more necessary to cultivate routines that make good dietary choices easier.

Here are some simple routines you can start implementing that can have a profound effect on your diet and thus your health:

Make Trips To The Grocery Store A Routine. 

Put it on your calendar. Weekly trips might not be enough depending on the size of your family, so include multiple times during the week to hit the grocery store. Keep a running list of staples. 

Make A Weekly Menu

This eliminates the question about what is for dinner. You can coordinate your trips to the grocery store to make sure you have whatever you need on hand. Meals do not need to be complex or involved or multi course––they only need to feature healthy, whole foods contained on The Kaufmann diet. 

Make Food/Meal Prep A Routine. 

This can be beneficial for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. This can be a once-a-week activity, like a Sunday afternoon in preparation for the week. This makes mornings easier, afternoons healthier, and ultimately makes it less likely you will reach for the nearest bag of processed junk food. 

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