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Why Does the Cause of Leukemia Remain Unknown?

Fatty Acids
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In 1982, a study was published (1) that found “at least 27% of leukemia cases had invasive fungal infections.” Sadly, these were identified during autopsy.  Two years later, a Japanese study referred to 3 cases of acute leukemia with the development of fungus balls in the lung during remission induction therapy.  This paper (2) offered an overview of how seemingly common fungal infections were in leukemia patients.

“The authors reported some data on the frequency and spectrum of mycotic infections in 76 adult patients with different types of acute leukemia over the last 3 years.”

Later in the 1980’s another paper (3) discussed a case of lung fungus in a patient with leukemia.  The abstract said:

“A case of pulmonary multiple mycosis, recognized by cultural and radiological investigation, during chemotherapy for poorly outcoming acute leukemia is reported. The factors enhancing disseminated aspergillosis in hematologic malignancies as well as the need of early diagnosis and effective therapy in fungal infections complicating leukemias are also discussed in the light of the last 25 years literature.”  Was fungus “complicating” leukemia, or had it caused it? Then, all of the sudden, there appeared a mysterious silence on fungal induced leukemia. Where had it gone, and why?

Indirectly, however, they continue to research the leukemia/fungus link, even without knowing it!  This 11 year old study (4 ) confirms my belief that leukemia and mold/fungus are intimately linked, yet does so without raising the ire of those who might seek to silence such research.  You see, studies that promote the use of fatty acids, like Omega 3 fatty acids, actually promote their properties.  As this 2022 paper (5) points out, fatty acids and their derivatives, have antifungal properties.

It states, “The use of fatty acids as antifungals could fulfil consumer’s requests of more natural and environmentally friendly compounds, while being less likely to promote fungal resistance.”

No wonder fatty acids may be the cure for leukemia!  They have antifungal properties and they lack the side effects of medications!  But those who have long opposed expounding upon the fungus link to cancer will be relieved to read the final sentence in this Sciencedaily article, which exonerates the writers and must thrill pharmaceutical interests. “The researchers, who applied for a patent, are also preparing to test the compound in human trials.”  Just what cancer needs!  Another drug!


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