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When To Take and When To Avoid Antibiotics

Avoid Antibiotics
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Nearly everyone at some point in their life has had to take an antibiotic for some reason, and in the right setting these drugs can be very effective, even life-saving. There is a darker side to antibiotics, however: the overuse of these drugs has given rise to antibiotic resistant bugs, which have become more common and more virulent. But this might not be the biggest problem with these drugs.  

Antibiotics are undiscriminating bacterial killers. And while they kill the bacteria that make us sick, they can also damage the beneficial bacteria in the gut. These are important, symbiotic organisms that play a vital role in many processes like digestion, immunity, and other roles that facilitate health. When these cultures of bacteria are damaged, this allows space for a more virulent organism to grow: Yeast. 

This constitutes a major way many people might develop a problem with yeast or fungi in the body. Yeast can overgrow and spread from the gut, causing both gut problems and problems elsewhere. This is likely more common than many people think. This is among the reasons why antibiotics are cautioned against when you are on an anti-fungal diet program. 

Despite this risk, should you refuse to take antibiotics?

There are certain instances wherein taking an antibiotic is absolutely necessary. If your doctor insists that you take one, you should absolutely take his or her advice. These drugs can be life-saving and prevent much pain and suffering. 

One of the problems with antibiotics is that many people think of them as a cure-all. At the first hint of a cold, many people ask for a prescription for antibiotics. Part of the reason they are overprescribed is because people demand them so frequently, thinking they will fix any problem that presents. 

When they are absolutely necessary––when your doctor insists––you should take an antibiotic. Any other time, it might be wise to avoid them. Always know you have the freedom to ask, “Is this drug necessary? Will I get better without it? Are there other options to explore before using this drug?”

The good news is, if you do need an antibiotic, there are steps you can take to prevent any of the problems that might arise afterwards. It might be best to stick to a strict Kaufmann One Diet in the weeks during and following antibiotic use. Incorporate a potent, natural anti-fungal supplement, such as olive leaf extract or oregano oil into your regimen. And, follow antibiotic usage with a loading dose of probiotics. This will help restore the beneficial bacteria in the gut so that pathogenic fungi do not have room to flourish. 

Remember that antibiotics can be useful and even save lives, but that doesn’t mean they must be your first line of defense. 


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