What’s Going On June 7-11

The AP reports  that more oil than was previously estimated may be gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. This is the latest in a long string of bad news coming from the Gulf. I grew up going to the Gulf Coast. We would spend summers camping out on Malachite Beach, body surfing and fishing in the bay. 

Fresh gulf trout = wonderful, lean Kaufmann 1 protein! The Gulf fishing industry is going to devastated by this spill, and the livelihoods of many Americans are going to be ruined. This spill does nothing if not highlight the necessity for our world clean up the way we produce our energy; our modern world is polluting the very food we need to stay healthy. 

Healthday reports that the FDA endorses the first oral drug for multiple sclerosis. This would register as a breakthrough if not for a few past experiences with the FDA. The FDA has also endorsed a number drugs that have later been found to cause a great amount of harm to patients taking them exactly as prescribed. The article actually highlights the fact that this particular MS drug had serious heart, lung, and eye side effects in 8.5% of people taking it, which is close to 1 out of every 10 people. 

I met a woman one time while checking out of a cafe. As we began talking, she asked what I did. After I told her a little bit about Doug, she told me how she had been diagnosed with MS, and when she asked her doctor what she could do, his only response was “Get ready for the wheelchair.” Unwilling to take such grim advice, she did her own research, which lead her to a number of natural therapies, dieting and supplements. She looked at me wide eyed, standing tall, healthy and limber, and said “I don’t have MS anymore.” Stories like this woman’s make me question how revolutionary such advances in toxic drug therapy are. 

The AP reports that cancer wins, while not seemingly big, may be a bigger deal than they appear. After working for Doug for nearly 7 years, I beg to differ. Billions of dollars have been spent, millions of lives have been lost, and “officially” there is no cure for cancer. I’ve lost loved ones to this disease, as I’m sure many of you have. It is unfair to any of us to label anything less than an all out cure as a major win. That fact is only magnified by the fact that Big Medicine completely ignores many documented cases of people beating cancer simply by using diet and alternative therapies. 
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