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What Causes Pain? “Neuron Mycoses” May Be The Answer

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Of course, the medical consensus is that pain has many causes and to a certain extent I must agree.  Some of you are fine simply putting out the pain fire, whereas others might want to know why the pain exists.  To that end I have another of my hypotheses that I’d like to share with you.  Doctors use words like somatic pain, referred pain, chronic pain, visceral pain, acute pain and many others. If you slice your hand while cutting up a tomato, you needn’t hire a physician to tell you why you are in pain.  But what about waking up in pain, or migraine pain, or lower back pain that isn’t traumatically induced?  Until I read a recent medical paper on the subject (1), I had no idea just how many people were in pain!  Some 60 to 70 million people have chronic (all the time) pain!  WOW!  Are you one of them?  Let’s talk about something your doctor would not necessarily understand about chronic pain.

I contend that something alive and capable of swelling is living inside of you.  Simply put, yeast and fungi are alive and capable of lining inside your body as symbionts. Your cells and their cells form a relationship. Recall that we were born with candida yeasts inside our body, until antibiotics lead them astray.  Antibiotics can change these harmless yeasts to harmful, pathogenic yeasts that often require medication and a changed diet to resolve.

What makes bread rise?  BINGO!   A mature human brain might have 1 trillion nerve cells, whereas the rest of our body has billions of nerve cells. They can be inside of your tissues or on the surface of them.  When you put hard pressure on these nerves for an extended period of time (pinch your arm very hard for 10-20 seconds-OUCH!), pain is the result. The yeasts that make bread swell also, I contend, makes human tissues swell and constant pressure is applied to the nerves.  Of course, we’d never refer to this condition as “swelling” in medicine or everyone would have figured pain out by now.  Rather, we tell people that they are suffering from “INTERNAL INFLAMMATION!”  There is a blood test (CRP) that can confirm you have INTERNAL INFLAMMATION (systemic fungal infections elevate the CRP blood test result). If yeast is causing your internal swelling, whether on the lower back, hips, head or fingers, ridding the body of that yeast might relieve your pain.  Watch an animal that is in chronic pain…they stop eating, implying that they perceive food is somehow contributing to their pain…indeed carbohydrates (sugars in grains and starches) feed and fuel yeast and fungal infections.  I’d ask my doctor for a pill called DIFLUCAN (the one pill vaginal yeast cure) for a week and see if that and a very low carb diet didn’t help relieve the pain.  This rarely cures the pain, but if it improves, you now know that with a little more time and effort (perhaps supplements with antifungal properties instead of Diflucan), chronic pain may be a thing of the past—and that is a good thing!


Research and References

1. MedPage Today: Chronic Pain Affects 21% of Americans, CDC Reports | MedPage Today


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