Can the Kaufmann 1 Diet Help Uterine Sarcoma?

  To the extent that I believe that cancer is often misdiagnosed and is in reality a fungal condition that is mimicking cancer, the Kaufmann 1 Diet may help. 

The medical journal, Lung, just published a paper (9/17/13) that expounded upon my belief. In it, 27 patients suspected of having lung cancer actually had fungal infections! I believe and have published that we are grossly over diagnosing cancer. If I were you, I’d have a good conversation with my doctor, and ask him if you can try taking an anti-fungal medication (the anti-fungal drug, Sporanox, has been published as both killing cancer cells and stopping cancer from spreading) for a few months, and follow our Kaufmann 1 Diet. This diet minimizes fungal growth and proliferation. When one assesses the similarities between cancer and fungus, ones eyes open.



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